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Hello, We’re Modern Camper Magazine

David Wald Modern Camper Magazine

Born out of a desire to share the rising popularity of camping, RVing and Caravanning (in Japan it’s called キャンプ) and lack of decent, well designed coverage on the subject, we’re excited to introduce to you – Modern Camper Magazine.

Sure there are a million other publications about this mode of travel, ok maybe not a million but certainly a few hundred around the globe, but nothing in our research bore the resemblance of a high-quality, well-designed publication that truly shared the amazing stories of so many global citizens enjoying the world of camping and camp culture the way it should be.

And so today, and from here on out, we’d like to invite you all to peruse the pages of this handcrafted, design-centric camper-loving collection of reportages, stories, profilings, features, on-site overviews, ridiculously good destination rundowns, product reveals, gear highlights and the like from these pages and via our buzzing social media feeds at Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, which we also hope you will visit and follow along with.

please excuse us as we get back to work scouring the globe for campers, destinations and stories that inspire

“Who the heck are you anyway?” you might be asking at this point. Well, fair enough. We’re simply a small group who love to camp, write and design. We live in Canada. Are millennials. We have families, young children (who love to avoid sleep and get their constant way). Entrepreneurs – starters, activators, dreamers and big thinkers. And we are idealists – bursting with pride and excitement that people around the world will actually read, watch, listen and thoroughly enjoy the Modern Camper Magazine we hope to build.

So if you love campers, RVs, roads, breathtaking camp sites and stories that delight, we encourage you to bookmark this site, add it to your mobile’s home screen and perhaps even send to a friend as a way of saying “hey look, I discovered this before you did!” And thank you in advance for doing this.

Map of Squamish BC Modern Camper Mag

Of course we’re always looking to make these pages and our content better so feel free to reach out and say hello at any time. You can find a way to connect via our Contact page or we’re nearly always attached to our phones and you may find a quicker reply via the social media feeds (see above). Either way, we encourage your praise or criticism and will take it all with our pride in check.

And now, please excuse us as we get back to work scouring the globe for campers, destinations and stories that inspire. We thank you again for following along (heck for even reading this far), and look forward to hearing from you or meeting you along the road as we roll along with camper in tow, which is very likely to be the case.

Here’s to inspiring travels, discoveries and a successful journey along the way.


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