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You need to see these Modern Campers

The Opera by Robvos Design

We’ve tracked down some cool modern campers from around the world. Some of them are only in conceptHave a look.

Colim Concept Caravan

Although still a concept, the Colim bridges nicely between car, motorhome and camper. Detach the front and you have a car to drive around. Additionally, one can customize the interior to include a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and seating area. Equally important is it sleeps four people comfortably.

Colim is an acronym for ‘Colors Of Life In Motion’. All in all, this one would be pretty neat to see out on the open road.

Colim Future Camper



Welcome to the first ever amphibious caravan. For those who truly want to get away from it all. Pull it behind your vehicle, back it up down a boat ramp, unhook and away you go. Although it looks a bit odd, it’s a very cool idea.

Sealander Floating Camper



The Mehrzeller takes customization to a whole new level. Working with architects, clients can customize the layout of their camper accordingly. With a hexagonal shape and bright, clean modern lines inside you’ll be the talk of the campground when you pull up with this.

Mehrzeller Camper of the future


The Opera

Is it a tent or is it a camper? The Opera is a tent trailer style unit you pull behind your vehicle and pop into location at the campground. It houses numerous luxuries, a ceramic toilet, top loading refrigerator, and electronically adjustable beds. Together with, LED lights and an outdoor kitchen the Opera is definitely not a tent. All things considered this is ready to be your holiday home away from home.

The Opera by Robvos Design



Another concept camper is the Caravisio. This one has numerous high tech features. A fingerprint lock means you’ll never lose your keys again. Secondly, it has an app that controls the lights, sound system and level of your trailer. Additionally, it’s rear glass changes from clear to opaque and becomes a big movie screen. Together with a wine compartment to keep your vino at the optimal temperature, this is definitely the trailer of the future.

Caravisio Camper of the Future


As shown above, we are excited to see what the future of the modern camper will look like.

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