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Lynne Knowlton Profile

dreamy-airstreamy Lynne-Knowlton airstream

Lynne Knowlton is a designer and lifestyle blogger from Ontario Canada. Her motto, “Design the Life you Want to Live” is in regard to anything, your home, camper, travel, life, anything and everything.

What kind of life do you want to live? She’s here to inspire.

Lynne is crazy busy but was gracious enough to let us profile her and her awe inspiring renovation story of Happy Camper Airstream.

Look at her beautifully restored and renovated a 1976 31′ Sovereign International Land Yacht. It is AMAZING.

Happy-Camper-Airstream Lynne-Knowlton airstream


Why an Airstream?

Lynne is a self professed wuss when it comes to sleeping outdoors but she could imagine hitting the open road in an airstream. All the comforts of home but in a wicked cool boho style Airstream … no public washrooms… board games…soft fluffy linens…essential oils diffusing lightly in the air…. hours of nothing but conversation.

What do you LOVE about Airstreams?

Airstreams have such character and 60% of them are still on the road today. They’ve been making Airstreams since 1931. They’re little time capsules stuck in the era they were born. That’s impressive.

This one in particular had good bones. It has a centrally located bathroom which is rare. In fact most Airstreams have a bathroom at the back which didn’t jive with Lynne.

How did you renovate your Airstream?

Paint. Lynne spent two months up to her eyeballs in white paint. Initially she tore out blue carpet and white linoleum and painted every non moving piece white. After that she realized the storage bins and drawers closed off the area too much and had to go.

Once that was complete, the gold touches were added – a beautiful delta faucet, white and gold wall paper, gold hardware. Beautiful. In fact, the best thing was Lynne kept the original blue chenille benches. With the new paint they worked perfectly.

Airstream happy-camper-airstream profile Lynne-Knowlton


Did you run into any challenges while renovating your Airstream?

Lynne thought it would take them a month to renovate the Airstream and put their sweet touches on it. In reality it took six. Actually, they are still renovating it. They just completed the marathon of 200-400 hours to polish Happy Camper Airstream to that mirror finish.

lynne-knowlton airstream profile happy-camper-airstream


Do you have any helpful hits or suggestions?

The key to designing a tight space is to maximize the area you have with small space living ideas. Additionally, if you’re going to invest in a trailer, make sure you an end in mind. Begin Anywhere.

Did we mention you can stay in Happy Camper Airstream? Lynne rents out her beloved Airstream – although she plans to hitch up and hit the road in February so you might have to wait.

Want to see more pictures of the renovation? Have a peak at #HappyCamperAirstream on Instagram.

Have a look at all the other AMAZING things Lynne is up to by following her on Instagram @LynneKnowlton or on her blog.

Because it’s so beautiful, here are few more pictures to inspire you.

lynne-knowlton profile happy-camper-airstream


lynne-knowlton profile happy-camper-airstream


lynne-knowlton profile happy-camper-airstream


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