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Here Today Vanagon Tomorrow – Jessica & Robbie Lefroy

Meet Jessica and Robbie Lefroy also known as “Here Today Vanagon Tomorrow”. A few months ago they returned from nine months on the road in their Westfalia. They shipped their camper from Canada to England and spend eight months exploring. From there they came back to North America for another month of traveling. Oh, and they did it all with their 4.5 year old girl, Henley. We had been following Jessica and Robbie’s adventure on Instagram. As serendipity would have it, Jessica reached out to us and are honoured to be able to share their story with you. We hope this inspires you to find your adventure. It’s out there. Before you decided to completely change your life. What did you and your husband do for a living? My husband, Robbie, is a carpenter and sacrificed a lot of time away from his family to work towards our goal. I was able to stay home with Henley and continue my work as a freelance equestrian journalist. Why did you purchase a van? We had a depressingly fleeting relationship with a ’78 …

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Lynne Knowlton Profile

Lynne Knowlton is a designer and lifestyle blogger from Ontario Canada. Her motto, “Design the Life you Want to Live” is in regard to anything, your home, camper, travel, life, anything and everything. What kind of life do you want to live? She’s here to inspire. Lynne is crazy busy but was gracious enough to let us profile her and her awe inspiring renovation story of Happy Camper Airstream. Look at her beautifully restored and renovated a 1976 31′ Sovereign International Land Yacht. It is AMAZING. Why an Airstream? Lynne is a self professed wuss when it comes to sleeping outdoors but she could imagine hitting the open road in an airstream. All the comforts of home but in a wicked cool boho style Airstream … no public washrooms… board games…soft fluffy linens…essential oils diffusing lightly in the air…. hours of nothing but conversation. What do you LOVE about Airstreams? Airstreams have such character and 60% of them are still on the road today. They’ve been making Airstreams since 1931. They’re little time capsules stuck in the era they …